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Writer's Digest Magazine - May/June

Photo: Writer's Digest Magazine - May/June Edition

Hello Friends,

I want to talk briefly about a form of writing I discovered nearly a decade ago: Flash Fiction.

Flash fiction is a short form of storytelling defined by the number of words and/or sentences. All in all, flash fiction is any writing material more than 75 words up to 1,000 words, some flash fiction writers stretch the limit as far as 2,000 words.

Though by definition the context of flash fiction is to remain extremely short, it is not a venue that tolerates fragmented writing. Writers of flash fiction need to master the art of expressive vocabulary and the art of word constraints, a world in which every word is essential. Writing short is all about making an impact with the fewest words.

The Appeal

We live in a society that feeds us information at lightning speed, it stands to reason that with flash fiction providing instant gratification that this form of writing has gained popularity.


There are several publications that can help explain in depth the flash fiction phenomenon, see links below.


Happy writing!