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writing process

Years ago, I wrote for hours on end in complete silence, just my dogs by my side. In recent years, I have switched over to writing with background music. So, which one do I prefer? Both, actually.

Writing in silence gave me a quiet space to think while listening to music helped stimulate my creative side. In the vein of uniqueness, there are also those writers who instead of writing at home prefer to write in coffee shops and/or libraries. There’s no one better method, just different methods.

It seems logical that we should all have our own style, yet, often we compare our processes to that of other writers. 

What I think is important is that we continually assess our writing skills because understanding our strengths and weaknesses helps identify a path toward improvement. And so the sooner we can admit to a deficiency the sooner we can address it.

Goal-setting can be an anxiety-inducing activity, but devising a plan comes with its own set of rewards once executed. Remember, achieving a goal takes commitment, discipline, and a whole lot of guts, so don’t ever undermine your progress however small.

Happy writing!